Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Radioactivity Antidotes

Here's some good advice given to me today for antidotes for the toxins release by the nuclear damage from Japan

My First Impulse was to make sure I was taking some Cell Food.  You can read all about it right here.
I Love his story of how he came to create this amazing product.

The Second most important is:
Diatomaceous Earth  

This is a special form of poweder/clay and was described as having the possible capabilities of isolating radioactive material in sort of a cage in the body and getting it out, whereas the other clays may float around and take their time leaving the body.
I'm going to get some of this powder and try it with Sunrider Nu Plus; Sunrider Quinary Powder, and Sunrider Fortune Delight Tea all in the same drink; shake it and drink it down.

I was told to add a couple of "Assimilate" Caps from Sunrider with it.
Seaweed in Miso
My Vitamins, and
Smudge a tiny bit of Iodine on my wrist each day; but if the color of the iodine does not go away,
that is the sign the body has had enough.
the Warning of course with Iodine is that it can also harm us if taken too much, so please look into
this very carefully.

I will post Sunrider links up here soon.
With a variety of Homeopathic medicines combined with this basic list, it's a very good start in keeping not only our own body healthy, but protect the DNA for future children.

There are wonderful naturopathic doctors and homeopathic doctors around who can assist you
in filling in the blanks for your personal needs, or giving you recommended dosages.
Please find them and call them up.  Don't just think we're all okay just because we don't live in Japan!

Take Care! It's in the air.

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